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I won't be remembered after I die, but I am one of the luckiest people ever to be born. I sort things out, knit, spin, sail, garden & love music.

Feel good link of the day

Trust me on this, and click on the link. It’s a few minutes of your time well spent.


Have you seen this anti-Obama ad? The Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity is spending millions to run it nationwide. It relates the story of Shona Holmes, a Canadian who says she had to travel to the US to seek free-market treatment for a life-threatening brain tumor.

Thing is, it’s BS — and it has been since her case was first used by anti-Obamacare conservatives in a 2009 ad. It even has its own Wikipedia entry. Turns out Holmes never had a life-threatening brain cancer, but a benign growth, and she skipped out on her scheduled care to get an earlier appointment in the States. Nevertheless, AFP decided to use it for a new, deceptive ad this year.

Meantime, HuffPo relates the story of another Canadian, Ian, who does have a malignant brain cancer - and whose Canadian health benefits paid for his very sensitive care in America, even as he watched his friends to the south suffer and waste away:

Ian goes on to tell a story of a U.S. system where fellow brain tumor patients spent their time pleading with U.S. insurance companies for just one more week of treatment. The friends Ian made at the hospital had to leave treatment early because they had run out of money and the insurance companies would no longer cover the procedure.

Ian is still alive. But his friends are dead.

Blog Post in which we have a sailing adventure

Also featuring Abhorsen327!

New Goggy!

This labradoodle was a no tags stray picked up by our town’s dog control officer. Now he has a home with us and a new name - Samwise. 

The cats will come out of hiding someday.

I blogged!

Nothing important - this is a practice post, in which I flex my fingers and try to put words together in a pleasing way.

It’s a movie review of “The Graduate” - a film that has not stood the test of time for this viewer.



The Atlantic’s In Focus has assembled a phenomenal photo gallery of The Fantastic Machine That Found the Higgs Boson.

Now that’s a nice looking machine. 


Grandma Jan has some fabulous tips posted on her fridge. 

One person’s Grandma Jan is another person’s Mom. Mine.


Grandma Jan has some fabulous tips posted on her fridge. 

One person’s Grandma Jan is another person’s Mom. Mine.

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Being snarky is not good for you...

Complementing the Adulting post on stress I posted yesterday.

I love LifeHacker!

Adulting: Step 228: Your stress is not a real thing to anyone but you


Stress is real, obviously, but just to you. It is something that dwells entirely within you. It does not exist as a noun in other people’s lives, except in how you interact with them.

I’m feeling insanely stressed right now, and while my boyfriend, best friends and mom will cut me a little…

Perfect timing for this post! At work our entire office is moving, and people are starting to show signs of strain. I think I am going to try to be as generally kind and helpful as I can. No one really cares about my stress, it’s part of what I’m paid to do.